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Looking forward to round two.

New member here *waves*. The Canes have been the undisputed Comeback Kids of the playoffs so far, but Boston is really going to test them. I think the outcome of this series will be determined mostly by goaltending, but our boys in red need to bring their physical 'A' game if they're going up against guys like Lucic, Chara, Ward, etc.

The fact that the Bruins haven't played in 9 days might be a factor tonight. The Canes are on an upswing after that thrilling game 7 victory, so maybe the B's might not have the same energy. Plus, Boston might be cocky and underestimate the Canes which would be a big mistake (just ask Mary Brodeur).

The Whitney-Staal-LaRose line needs to be huge and they haven't disappointed so far, but the Canes need to have all 4 lines producing. If Cam Ward continues to shine and if they get some big hits from Ruutu, Cole and Gleason I really think they can give Boston a hard time. Canes can win the series, but it will probably go 7 games.

Hang on, Caniacs...it's going to be a rough ride.
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